Moss Removal

At Friendly Giant we care about your roof. Using an environmentally friendly solution we spray existing moss and use limited hand removal for the largest pieces.

If you have a stone, slate or tile roof moss can hold water and freeze causing some damage, the more man made the roofing material is, the more damage will be done.

Moss left to grow on your roof can shorten it’s life span typically by 8-10 years or more.

How does moss develop on your roof? Moss spores, once ripened, can easily blow about.   If they land in a location with adequate moisture, the spores will start to grow.   Any tiny crack or crevice will provide a suitable spot for moss to take hold. Moss stays attached to the roof substrate not by roots, as is commonly thought, but rather by rhizoids, which are root-like and have a similar effect.  Regardless, it can attach itself quite securely and can be very difficult to dislodge.   The key for the roof cleaning contractor is to remove as much moss as possible without damaging the roof.  Additional hand removal can be purchased if desired.

Does your roof have moss on it? Then Call Friendly Giant, Victoria BC for your roof moss removal @ 250.884.4596